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Laxholes of the Week

The thought occurred to me as I watched several good games this weekend that this is a strange time. There was some typical Laxhole behavior---one Dad screaming at the ref for "false starts" on the face off. Was the kid going early? Since I didn't have a dog in the fight, it was clear that he wasn't.

I think there are few sports where attendees feel the freedom to scream at the ref without learning the rules. Ice hockey has rules that I still don't quite get after 20 plus years of watching, but I'm not screaming at the ref about "icing". What is a catch? Even the NFL can't quite decide. My suggestion is to limit yourself to offsides calls which are pretty clear cut.

The higher the level play I see, typically the less screaming on the sidelines. There is a clear difference between the elite teams parents and those from the Cusp Teams. The elite team parents are used to being ahead, and don't want to complain. Also, the coach has probably stressed a quieter sideline so his coaching can be heard. We were actually chastised once for cheering when we were up by more than a few goals. On the Cusp teams, the parents are still trying to actively help their players while they play.

The other Laxholes this week have to go to all of the COVID-Zone families traveling from Texas, Minnesota, Florida and other areas that are red hot to areas that are green in the pursuit of "better competition." The organizers are going to take your team's money and welcome you---they should kiss you on the mouth for the money you spend, frankly, but we all know its a bad idea. We didn't see travel between New York and other areas during the Summer, so we shouldn't see the top 3-4 areas traveling outside of their states. Stay the hell home and play your own local tournaments. I've got one son quarantining because of your stupid kids coming into the area. How can we tell? They are the only kids at the tournament not wearing masks, and their parents are the ones trying to hug---HUG?!--their lacrosse friends.

Wear a mask if you travel, but seriously just stay in your area. You'll help everyone. Don't be a COVID Laxhole.

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